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Tcards (a.k.a. "Tester Cards") are the building blocks of a low cost high performace Fibre Channel storage subsystem! Individual Tcards can be used in a single-drive application and commonly used as test equipment, especaially when the integrity of a hard drive is in question. Tcards may be "daisey-chained" together to connect up to 126 drives to a Fibre Channel HBA (host bus adapter). Using the products shown here, a Fibre Channel JBOD (just a bunch of drives) can be constructed for less than you ever thought possible!

  • No Configuration Necessary
  • Low Profile Design
  • "Plug 'n' Play" allows complete setup in minutes!
  • Front View

    Part No. Description Price Qty
    TCARD-1D Single Drive Tcard and Internal Cable Kit $59.99

    This completely modular Tcard design makes it easier than ever to create a fibre channel JBOD within your computer case, or in an external enclosure. Fibre Channel devices use a loop topology. A twisted pair carries data from the HBA to the disc(s). A second twisted pair carries data from the disc(s) back to the controller. Because the HBA initiates the I/O functions, this setup is referred to as a Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop, commonly abbreviated FC-AL. To set up 2 or more drives, simply plug in the Send (TX) signal into the Receive (RX) port on the Tcard. The TX port on the first drive gets connected to the RX port on the next drive. When you are done adding drives, connect the TX port of the last drive to the RX port on the HBA!

    Sample FC Setup--This image may not be used without express written permission from the author.

    JBOD Kits Include:

  • 1 Tcard per Drive
  • Cables to interconnect Tcards
  • The DB9 to PTP cable.
  • Mounting screws for the DB9 Connector.
  • PTP style connector
    Internal DB9 Connector

    Part No. Description Price Qty
    JBOD-2D2-Drive Tcard and Internal Cable Kit$108.99
    JBOD-3D3-Drive Tcard and Internal Cable Kit$161.01
    JBOD-4D4-Drive Tcard and Internal Cable Kit$211.48
    JBOD-5D5-Drive Tcard and Internal Cable Kit$260.30
    JBOD-6D6-Drive Tcard and Internal Cable Kit$307.47
    JBOD-7D7-Drive Tcard and Internal Cable Kit$353.01
    JBOD-8D8-Drive Tcard and Internal Cable Kit$396.96
    JBOD-9D9-Drive Tcard and Internal Cable Kit$439.20
    JBOD-10D10-Drive Tcard and Internal Cable Kit$479.99

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    The final step in completing your Fibre Channel subsystem is the external cable. If you are using an Adaptec, Connectcom, Qlogic, or other Fibre Channel HBA with a copper HSSDC interface, you will need a HSSDC-DB9 cable to connect the HBA to the Tcard or JBOD kit. The other copper connector that you will find on a Fibre Channel HBA is the DB9 connector. These are found on older Adaptec HBA's, as well as Emulex, JNI, and Interphase HBA's. In this case you will need the DB9M-DB9M "caseback" cable to connect your HBA to your Tcard or JBOD kit. If your HBA has a SC fibre optic interface, you will need a set of fibre optic cables and a GBIC or MIA to convert the connection back to copper.

    HSSDC HBA Interface
    HSSDC used in:

  • Adaptec
  • Advansys
  • Connectcom
  • Qlogic
  • DB9 HBA Interface
    DB9 used in:

  • Older Adaptec HBA's
  • Emulex
  • JNI
  • Interphase
  • SC HBA Interface
    SC (Fiber Optic)

  • SC-SC Fibre Optic Cable Needed.
  • GBIC/MIA needed to use with Tcard/JBOD Kit.
  • Most Mfgrs offer SC HBA's
  • Commonly used with FC Hub/Switch.

  • Part No. Description Price Qty
    HSSDC-DB9-1M1M HSSDC-DB9M External Cable$34.99
    DB9-DB9-CBDB9M to DB9M "Caseback" Cable$9.99

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    This 4-drive Fibre Channel backplane is ideal for building larger disc arrays. It is a simple alternative to using 4 Tcards and cables. The SCA-40 connectors are spaced such that they will plug into drives that are mounted in adjacent half height bays.

  • Support for 4 Fibre Channel Hard Drives.
  • Support for "Dual Loops".
  • An IDEAL solution for building JBOD's in SCSI cases or mounting drives in 5-1/4" bays.
  • Backplanes can be "stacked" in order to use several in one case.

  • Top View
    Bottom View

    Part No. Description Price Qty
    BP-4D4-drive FC backplane, spaced for 4 5-1/4" bays for 1" or 1.6" tall drives.SALE PRICE

    Internal Storage Systems
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    The device shown below is a modified Sun Ultra storage device. It holds four low profile (LP) hard drives. This device originally accepted four 10,000rpm 80-pin SCA hard drives. A Tcard was custom designed to fit the form factor of the SCA adapters that were removed from the unit. The Tcards that replace them mount to the enclosure using the same screw holes and tabs. Do you have a SCSI system that you would like to upgrade to Fibre Channel? Let us design a Tcard for you!

  • Drive ID's Selectable Via DIP Switches
  • Activity LED's for each drive
  • Power failure LED
  • Audible Alarm
  • 2 x ~60mm cooling fans
  • Stores 4 hard drives
  • Occupies only 3 x 5-1/4" Bays!

  • Front View
    Back View
    Bottom View

    Part No. Description Price Qty
    4D-3B-RM4-drive FC Rack w/ removable drive trays. Occupies 3 5-1/4" bays. 1" tall drives only!$349.99
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